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Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Kansas City

A note from Nancy:

I couldn’t be more proud of Rachael. She is absolutely a rock star! She is determined beyond words, and makes use of Every minute of her time, in a very busy schedule. Rachael had come to see me at Hitch Fit during her pregnancy, and told me, “As soon as I can start working out after I have my baby, I’ll be back, and ready to lose my baby weight.” Well, folks, that is exactly what Rachael did! She lost over 20 pounds in about 12 weeks! She worked so hard, and came to train with me on her lunch breaks two times a week. There was nothing that could stop her from achieving her goals; we had some great conversations, and lots of fun together while we worked! I admire Rachael so much. I watched her balance her work, her family life with her husband and two children, And her fitness life. It wasn’t always easy, but she did it! I am so thankful I got the opportunity to work with Rachael and be part of her post baby fitness success! It was truly a joy!~and her family is beautiful! Please read Rachael’s story below, especially if you have just had a baby, and wonder how you can feel good and fit again!

Rachael’s Stats:

Starting weight: 175

Ending weight: 154.5

Lost 7.4% Body Fat!

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Before and After - Kansas City Mom Rachael

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Story - Before and After 20 Pound Weight Loss

Lose Weight Post Pregnancy Kansas City

Rachael’s Story:

PAST: Growing up, I was blessed to avoid the body image struggles common to most young women. I could eat a box of macaroni for dinner and still maintain 118 pounds. Granted, I was heavily involved in two seasons of sports each school year which allowed for such an atrocious diet but this caused me to have a distorted view of nutrition. After my first child was born in 2013, I gained a significant amount of weight and became despondent ultimately being diagnosed with postpartum depression. After getting help, I was able to pull myself out of an unhealthy mindset and get my fitness under control, losing weight on my own. After learning we were pregnant with our second child, fear rushed in and I was determined that we would not go through that process again as a family. I began seeing a counselor to ward off any postpartum symptoms (gotta take care of that soul) and patiently waited to get my body back. I gave myself three months to heal after Aubrey was born and then I began working with Nancy.
PRESENT: Nancy assigned me a meal plan appropriate for a nursing mom and I met her at the gym 2 days a week on my lunch break for weight training. I spent as many nights as I could doing cardio Anytime Fitness in Liberty (having a gym base with a solid support system is HUGE!). With two high-maintenance children at home (I say that with love), getting to the gym sometimes wasn’t feasible so I did videos in my living room, allowing me time to get the necessary sleep to get my health and fitness in check.
RESULTS: After 12 weeks with Nancy, I was able to lose the same amount of weight that I lost after Micah was born in 1/4th of the time. AND I learned SO much about what was lacking in my nutritional approach which is VITAL to success.
INSPIRATION: The tools Nancy has given me has given me the kickstart I needed to revitalize my fitness level and establish healthy eating habits that I can pass down to my children. My children are such a significant part of my world, each of them learning from me in such different ways. In the evenings, my son joins me for my kickboxing videos and he’s finally eating broccoli (praise!). One day, Aubrey will be watching me (I suspect she is already). Having a daughter is life-changing and I believe it is my responsibility to provide my daughter with a healthy platform for a positive body image. Before Nancy and HitchFit, I did not love my body. You have to honor your “machine” and fuel it with what it craves: good food and activity.
FUTURE: I love the progress I’ve made so far and I feel amazing! Nancy gave me the confidence to take my journey to the next level and now I won’t feel so inadequate at the gym (or when my super fit husband Brian tries to correct my deadlift ;). I can keep rocking this journey and I will be unstoppable!
Lose 20 Pounds Post Pregnancy
Lose Weight Post Pregnancy with Hitch Fit Trainer Nancy Choquette

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