Lose 20 Pounds at 65 Years of Age

Susan lost 22 pounds at age 65 with Hitch Fit Transformation Trainer Nancy Choquette!

Susan had not worked out in 17 years when she stepped through the doors of Hitch Fit Personal Training Gym in Kansas City! She did her transformation with Personal Trainer Nancy Choquette. At age 65, she lost 22 pounds of body fat and gained lean muscle tissue. She also got off her Diabeties medications and reduced body fat from 25% to 17%. Way to go Susan! Representing for the Fit over 60 gals!

How to get in shape at age 65 in Kansas City

How to get in shape at age 65 in Kansas City.

Susan’s Before and After Fit at 65 Weight Loss Photos:

Before and After weight loss at 65 years of age

Weight loss at 65

20 pound weight loss at 65 years of age

Lose weight over 60

lose weight women over 65 years old

Lose 20 Pounds at 65 - Fit over 60 in Kansas City at Hitch Fit Gym

Personal Trainer Kansas City Over 60 - Nancy Choquette



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