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Look Better and Feel Better with Hitch Fit!

How to look better and feel better with Hitch Fit!

Look Better and Feel Better at Hitch Fit Gym!
A note from Alex:

“I remember when Jaz first came to Hitch Fit just like it was yesterday. She was a girl that wanted to make a change in her life. She had a look on her face of sadness that I immediately wanted to completely change into a smile full of confidence and accomplishment. Jaz definitely changed from day one. She became a girl with fire in her eyes trusting me every step of the way! She never questioned the process instead she began sending me pictures of her meal preparation, Progress picture of her body transforming but above all messages letting me know she was loving this new journey of hers and she couldn’t wait for the final results. I have to say I already miss her coming through our doors because she has become a woman proud of her new body, finding a new love for life and this is just the beginning! Let’s give it up for this amazing beautiful young lady… Jaz!!!! Yeah!!”

Jaz’s Stats:
Starting body fat: 19.01%
Ending body fat: 12.42%
Starting weight: 127.2
Ending weight: 123.8
Hitch fit Gym Client gets in Great Shape!

Hitch fit Gym client gets in great shape

Before and after side image of Hitch Fit Gym client

Before and AFter side image for Hitch Fit client

before and after back image

Before and after back image

Jaz’s Story:

“I will admit that I usually DO NOT ask for help while working out. I have always considered myself a fairly athletic person, and played or tried every sport possible. Some family and friends may laugh when I say, “I am out of shape” since I stay so active. I may not be out of shape seeing my weight, but for myself I needed help feeling and seeing how others may see me. My resolution for 2015 follows the hashtag #fit15, and to finish my first half marathon. Not knowing that 2015 will be the start of one of my worst years to date. From losing a family member to losing my own family… I lost myself. Needing to consume my mind I bought the Hitch Fit Groupon to help myself back to finding who I am. Expecting to actually only do the Groupon, I found myself signing up and finding something great.

Saturday, April 25 at 4PM I met my trainer, Alejandra (Alex) Nixon. Greeted with a smile, she sat me down for my consult. Her enthusiasm when we first met, and her ability to associate with me personally had me impressed. I found my trainer that day, and not knowing at the time also a great friend who would help me find how bad ass I could be. Haha. With her email and cell phone number on speed dialI started my journey. Hitch Fit paired us up perfectly.

Start your transformation with Alejandra "Alex" Nixon today

Start your transformation with Alejandra “Alex” Nixon today

My first workout: Armed with my nutrition plan, starting measurements, and ninja headband I was ready to go. Music, motivation, and movement are all Alex. The start of every workout session she would plug in her IPhone for Alex’s workout jams. Leaving each session I found a muscle group I forgot existed. Every session became harder with the introduction of what I call the “Nixon hill,” and evil shoulder days. The days I hurt the most or forgot I had given blood one day and almost passed out; Alex never gave up on me. Carefully viewing, correcting, and assisting each of my movements helped me build my confidence during each lift. After seeing dramatic results within the first four weeks motivated me to keep going. As my motivator, trainer, and friend I needed her to text me and keep me accountable. With motivation from Alex, Brian (her husband), and pup Mya; I had a solid team.

My transformation: I will say I really did not expect much of a physical change, but more mental to find who I am inside again. After completing my Hitch Fit weeks of training with Alex, I was shocked with my final numbers. I eat so much more, and now 31, I feel and look better than ever. I could not thank Alex enough on being there every step of my journey. My photo above says it all.

Thank you Alex for being my trainer, friend, and motivator you truly have changed my life. Always dancing, great music jams, and smiling through the pain… Perfect sweat angel every session, t-rex arms to Jell-O legs, ninja turtle abs, and now trained Ninja. You are the best!”

Thank you Hitch Fit for pairing me with someone special, now I have to share her with the world!”

Hitch Fit Gym Personal Training - Having Fun!

Hitch Fit Gym Personal Training

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