Life Changing 45 Pound Weight Loss Journey

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Kelly’s Before and After Weight Loss Stats:
Abs Inches Lost: 8.75”
Hips Inches Lost: 6.5”
Weight Lost: 45lbs.
Body Fat Lost: 12.9%

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Kelly’s Before and After 45 Pound Weight Loss Photos:

life changing 45 pound weight loss

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Kelly’s Story and Hitch Fit Gym Review:
In November 2021 I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror across from the shower and I immediately started crying on how bad I looked.
I decided that day I had to change my life.
I contacted Hitch Fit, and received a nutrition plan & training schedule and the encouragement to start my new journey.
45 pounds later I feel awesome. My resting heart rate was 83 and now it’s in the low 50’s.
I’m full of energy without caffeine. I finally fall asleep with in 3-5 minutes & sleep through the night. Daily hydration makes my skin look fantastic.
I could have never accomplished all of this without Hitch Fit!”

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