Improve Your Health and Fitness Over 50

Improve Your Health and Fitness over 50! At 50, Jennifer knew it was time to start investing in her health and fitness!
She went for her goals at Hitch Fit Gym in Parkville.

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Jennifer’s Before and After Fit over 50 Photos:

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improve health and fitness over 50


Jennifer’s Story and Hitch Fit Gym Review:
“After 40, it was disappointing learning that I couldn’t eat what I wanted anymore on the weekend and lose it the following week. In fact, It kept adding and adding on. At 50 I started on a self-investment path that included nutrition and physical health improvements.
I was inspired by Tiffany Ponick’s progress and reached out to Hitch Fit. Kevin Murray’s direct coaching style and method to ingredient prep made him my perfect coach. I’m competitive by nature, and he offered difficult challenges every week.
I had my plateaus, and Kevin coached me and checked in on me regularly. Though the scale doesn’t always show progress, the other measures did!
He celebrated when I’d share a lower scale weight. My stretch goal was to reach my pre-baby weight 22 years ago. I am absolutely ecstatic that I was just 4 lbs shy of it by my after pictures.
Hitch Fit’s methods and Kevin’s coaching, taught me how to manage a new healthy lifestyle that I can self-maintain. Grateful for the program with Kevin, and proud of myself.”

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