How to Get Amazing Abs after 40

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How to Get Amazing Abs after 40 at Hitch Fit Gym

A note from Micah:

I had the great opportunity to work with Matt. Day 1 we set goals and I gave him a realistic time frame to hit those goals. In only 12 weeks he did amazing . Check Out those Amazing Abs. Week by week I saw him getting stronger, gaining endurance and getting stronger. Most importantly he is now healthy!!

Matt’s Stats:

Starting weight: 188

Ending weight: 170

Starting body fat: 13.54%

Ending body fat: 6.52%

Fit over 40 - How to Get Amazing Abs after 40

How to Get Amazing Abs after 40 - Hitch Fit Gym Before and After

Fit over 40 - Before and After Fat Loss Photos Hitch Fit Gym


Matt’s Story:

I wasn’t really looking for a change when I came to Hitchfit. A friend of mine asked me if I would want to try the program with him and I agreed, why not? What I didn’t realize is what a change it would be and how bad I needed it. I am an ex MMA fighter so I’ve been in shape before but Micah opened my eyes to a “lifestyle” I had never experienced. I am dad to four great kids and with sports, activities, and a busy kid schedule I made excuses and didn’t stay on top of my fitness and eating, Hitchfit changed that. Micah laid out a fitness and eating program that works and is easy to follow and accomplish on a busy day to day basis. The most important goal I made myself going into this program was to improve myself mentally. I have struggled with depression and anxiety most of my adult life and the eating and exercise in Micah’s plan has given me determination, focus, and clarity I haven’t felt in years. It’s made me a better husband, father, friend, son, person. The Hitch Fit programs are a life changer, find the focus, make the changes and they’ll change you.

To anyone considering making this lifestyle change, JUST DO IT! Make a commitment to it, follow it like your life depends on it and experience the way it makes you look and feel, it’s worth every minute. I want to thank Micah for his Yoda like wisdom and giving me the discipline and education I needed to make the change. I credit all my inches and pounds lost and muscles gained to his butt kicking workouts. Thanks to my friend Marty for enduring the workouts with me and keeping me motivated, you are a warrior! Thanks to my wife Marsha for changing up the cooking to help me out and for being my Rock thru this change. Thanks to my kids and family for all the support. Thanks to the entire Hitchfit team, your all the friendliest, happiest people I’ve ever been around. Excited to see where my new lifestyle takes me in the future!


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