Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Kansas City Personal Trainer (Transformer) Lesley Denny!
Flexible Nutrition = Healthy Lifestyle & 20 Pound Weight Loss for Bri!
A note from Lesley:
So excited to share Bri’s transformation with me at Hitch Fit! This one is special to me for many reasons, one because I knew her previously before she became a client, and two because it’s a very relatable story for women. Hitch Fit is all about transformation but what a lot of people tend to focus on is visual transformation. Yes that is important, but it is also VERY import to transform on the inside as well! Bri did both of those things!
Her story is so relatable because life happens, there are ups and downs and not everyone is perfect. Not every client I see is going to be 100% perfect for 12 to 16 weeks and have a perfect transformation, really nobody does that, it just isn’t realistic. I trained Bri off and on for a year or so and it was really important for her to go thru trial and errors, holidays, vacations, ups and downs and really just everyday life and how to deal with those things and learning not to beat yourself up and getting back on track. I worked a lot with her on building confidence. Bri is seriously THE nicest, sweetest person ever and is always doing everything for everyone else so I had to remind her it was OK to take time for herself, it was OK to take up space and be confident in a gym around others. I could see her confidence build over time. She started to like running outside and finding things she enjoyed that she could keep up with to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There is no one size fits all when it comes to health and fitness. You have to try new things and sometimes think outside of the box until you find something that you enjoy doing or eating! There are a lot of diets out there (and I think she tried many of them) but just choosing good wholesome foods, controlling your portions, staying active, and learning when to relax and enjoy yourself finding that healthy balanced lifestyle is what it is all about, and I believe Bri has learned just that! I couldn’t be more proud of her! Throughout the process she dropped 20 pounds, lost about 6% body fat, and went from a size 10 to a size 6 and has kept it off! Congrats Bri!! You look amazing!”
Before and After Weight Loss from Kansas City Personal Training Client Bri

Before and After Weight Loss from Kansas City Personal Training Client Bri

Flexible Nutrition Plan leads to 20 pound weight loss at Hitch Fit

Flexible Nutrition Plan leads to 20 pound weight loss at Hitch Fit

Before and After 20 pound weight loss at Hitch Fit - Bri

Before and After 20 pound weight loss at Hitch Fit – Bri

Bri’s Story:
“When I started doing Hitch Fit, I was not in a good place. I was tired, stressed, overweight, and unmotivated. I felt like I looked awful in my clothes, I did not dare to put on a bathing suit, and overall I wasn’t taking good care of myself. While I was carrying around that extra 20 pounds, I had trouble sleeping and felt sluggish all of the time. I was afraid of and intimidated by the gym, so I just avoided getting on a healthy path altogether. When I started working out with Lesley, she helped me build the confidence that I needed to lift weights and not feel out of place. She also gave me a flexible nutrition plan to follow to make sure I was fueling my body after cardio and weight lifting sessions. I did have times when I fell off track, but instead of making me feel awful and judging me, Lesley reminded me of the positives and was supportive through the good and the bad. In about a year, I lost almost 20 pounds and went from a size 10 to a size 6! I couldn’t be happier with my results and I am thankful for Hitch Fit and Lesley for helping me find success and getting healthy! As a person who tried every shake, supplement, and crash diet, I learned that weight loss and getting healthy isn’t quick, easy, or painless. It takes a lot of time working out, preparing meals, and being honest with yourself about how you became unhealthy in the first place. I cried, had a couple of injuries, and started over, but I know it was all worth it to find and now maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

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