Fit over 60 Cancer Survivor Weight Loss Story

Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Overland Park Personal Trainer “Transformer” Alma Rios

Overland Park Hispanic Personal Trainer Alma Rios

A note from Alma:

Meet Kathy. 64 year old. Cancer survivor. Recovered Gilliam Barre Syndrome patient. Super active Lady. I loved working with Kathy.

After being completely paralyzed for 4 months from GBS, she lost strength and balance. Physical therapy played a major part in recovery. But Kathy’s determination was the key in not letting GBS stop her from doing what she loved most, being outside and taking care of the grounds around her neighborhood. She had always struggled losing weight until one day she watched the Hitch Fit segment on Better Kansas City (KCTV5) and decided to give it a shot.

Kathy learned how to eat and to push herself beyond her comfort zone. I enjoyed watching her accomplish moves she thought she would never be able to do. Watched her get leaner and stronger with every session. It was an honor and pleasure working with you. Proud of Ms. Kathy.

Kathy’s Stats:

Starting weight: 155.6

Ending weight: 148

Starting body fat: 40.84%

Ending body fat: 31.34%

Kathy’s Before and After Weight Loss Photos:


Fit over 60 Cancer Survivor Weight Loss

Lose Weight over 60 Overland Park

Fit at 64 years of age Overland Park Personal Training

Fit at 64 years of age Overland Park

Kathy’s Story & Hitch Fit Review:

“My weight kept going up no matter what I tried. I saw a commercial for Hitch Fit and thought “I’ll try it.” I went for a visit and liked what I saw and I liked Alma. I saw results. I felt stronger. My knee pain decreased a lot. I didn’t reach my goal weight but really toned up which was obvious by the pictures. Alma never gave up on my diet. She constantly changed workouts to keep it interesting. It was a good experience!”

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