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Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Personal Trainer – Transformer – Mike Davis

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Aron’s Stats:

Starting body fat: 20.3%

Ending body fat: 12.5%

Starting weight: 195.8

Ending weight: 182

Fat Loss in Kansas City - Before and After 8% body fat loss

Before and After Fat Loss in Kansas City - Weight Loss for Men

Aron’s Story:

  1. How did you find us? I found Hitch Fit through my brother’s relationship with the ownership (Micah & Diana).
  2. What were some of the challenges you faced during the process? There were several challenges I faced. Most of it came back to the food. Each meal I ate, I have made a conscious effort to choose and eat meals that corresponded with what was on my meal plan. I also kept sugars and bread products away from my house. Another challenge is when I weighed myself and saw my body fat, I kind of peaked and valleyed with this. I did not have a strong consistency with this and part of it was getting satisfied after a certain percentage.
  3. How did you begin your journey in weight loss? It has been a lifelong journey for me. It started when I was fourteen playing football in high school. I ended up losing 40 pounds the first year I played. Since then, my weight has fluctuated, even getting back to that old weight at one point. My serious weight loss began when I was in my first year out of college. I got a job working with a non-profit. With people feeding me food that was very unhealthy and having a mostly sedentary lifestyle, I ended up gaining 45 pounds in the first six months. The process started again when I found crossfit in 2013. With doing crossfit Paleo challenge, I ended up spending the entire year on a paleo diet, ended up losing all the weight I gained plus and additional fifteen pounds. I have adopted a paleo lifestyle and am extremely active currently.
  4. Training with Mike Davis (aka Mike D) has been a blessing. He pushes me very hard and I found much success and a mentor/motivator in my life and someone who truly cares about my personal and lifelong fitness. My goals are to be able to keep the same weight throughout my life (also same or consistent body fat content). I also want to be able to run the Boston Marathon and eventually others in the long run.

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