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Shayln and Josh Got Fit together at Hitch Fit Gym Overland Park!
Overland Park Weight Loss for Couples
Overland Park Weight Loss Gym - Before and After Shayln
Couples Weight Loss Overland Park - Before and After of Shayln Overland Park Personal Training - Weight Loss Success Story Shayln
Shayln’s Final Inches:
  • Down 4.5 inches in her upper waist
  • Down 7.5 inches in lower waist
  • Down 6.5 inches in hips
Shayln’s Final Measurements:
  • Total fat loss of 37.36lbs
  • Total body fat loss of 15.57%
  • Went from a size 8 dress size to a SIZE 2
Every single week Shayln and Josh’s weigh-ins would be down. Both of them worked so incredibly hard to stay on course by learning how to eat right and maintain their new lifestyle even through all their engagement parties, wedding showers, etc. Both Shayln and Josh were having such incredible transformation results that we actually had to stop one month before their wedding so they could maintain their body shape long enough to have their wedding dress and suit fitted for their wedding day!
Over the course of about 16 weeks, Josh and Shayln had taken on a lot – not only had they both committed to a transformation, but they also somehow managed to take a vacation to Hawaii, get engaged, plan a wedding in two months, fix up and sell their house, get married, and plan their move to California all DURING their transformation. For those of you reading this who say you have too much on your plate to commit to a transformation, Josh and Shayln are walking testaments that is it possible! The transformation process is totally manageable and is possible to achieve even when life gets hectic and crazy.
You may ask how this was all possible for them to achieve and I would say hats off to this guy – Josh. Josh came to Hitch Fit after his wife convinced him that they were going to do the transformation process together! Josh and Shayln made their recent move out to California so Josh could pursue his Doctorate in Economic Policy. Throughout the process, no matter what life threw at Josh – he stayed the course and he was able to drop 15.68% body fat!
Overland Park Weight Loss Gym - Before and After Photos of Josh
Overland Park Personal Training - Before and After Weight Loss of Josh
Couples Weight Loss Overland park - Before and After Photos of Josh
Josh’s Final Inches:
Down 7 inches in upper waist
  • Down 7.5 inches in lower waist
  • Down 6 inches in hips
Josh’s Final Measurements:
  • Total fat loss of 43lbs
  • Total body fat loss of 15.68%
  • Went from a size 46 suit jacket to a SIZE 38
Shayln and Josh were absolutely A+ clients. Together they would help prepare each others meals, they were always in the gym lifting together, they made time for one another and time for this transformation and their dedication definitely paid off. They definitely looked at this process as an investment in their future they were about to start together.
Bridal Bootcamp Overland Park - Get Fit for the Wedding like Shayln and Josh
Bridal Bootcamp Overland Park - Josh and Shayln get Fit for the Wedding
Josh & Shayln’s Story:
“I wasn’t happy with my body for a while and I knew I had to make a change. Unfortunately, everything I knew about weight loss and healthy eating wasn’t enough when I became lactose intolerant. I needed help. When I contacted Hitch Fit, I was matched with a trainer. She was so encouraging and determined to help me from day 1. I convinced my husband to go through this journey with me knowing it would be easier as a household change. The support I got was just the thing I needed. My trainer was there every step of the way, through the excitement of seeing the weight come off and the panic of whether or not I would fit into my wedding dress. The seamstress actually had to take the dress in quite a bit. After my final fitting, my husband and I both had to go into maintenance mode just to make sure everything would fit for the wedding. We plan on continuing with the plan. We aren’t finished yet, but we have come so far. I could not be happier with my experience.”
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