Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Overland Park TRANSFORMER Amy Gipson

Julie is a Competition Prep Client Who Competed at Muscle Mayhem and placed 4th in Open Bikini!

A note from Amy:

Julie came to me in early April to discuss helping her get best prepared for Muscle Mayhem in early June. Before meeting Julie for the first time I was concerned that I only had 7 weeks to get her body where I would like it to be by competition day; however, once I met Julie in person I had NO doubts that we could achieve her goal of competing in this show. She came in already knowing how to lift weights and was in amazing shape to begin with. The only things I wanted to make sure we did with Julie is feed her appropriately and modify her cardio to get her stage ready. Julie worked out alongside her friend Kim Manning every week we saw some beautiful results coming together. On the day of the show, Julie was magnificent. She looked amazing and beautiful as ever. Her posing was on point and she owned the stage. I am so proud of Julie for trusting me with this process and allowing me to be alongside her during this journey. Julie you are a beautiful person, inside and out, and way to own the stage while taking 4th place in the Open Bikini Category. I am super excited to see what you have planned next!

Julie places 2nd in Bikini at Muscle Mayhem after prep with Hitch Fit Gym's Amy Gipson!

Muscle Mayhem Competition Prep from Hitch Fit Gym with Amy Gipson

Muscle Mayhem 2nd Place in Bikini!

Bikini Model Competition Prep Client Places 2nd at Muscle Mayhem


Julie Strohm with Medal at Muscle Mayhem Bikini Competition

Julie Strohm with Medal at Muscle Mayhem Bikini Competition


lJulie’s Stats:

Starting weight: 126 lbs

Ending weight: 116.8 lbs

Starting body fat: 15.8 %

Ending body fat: 11.2 %


Julie’s Story:

“I began training with Amy because I heard nothing but great things from a couple of my friends who train with her. I was starting to train for my second fitness competition and was nervous to dive into another competition prep and I had limited time to train for it so I had to make every day count!


Even though I had previously done a fitness competition the year prior, my prep this time around was incredibly different. Amy was so in tune with what my body specifically needed; She personalized my plan to fit my needs and the best part about it was she never wanted me to “feel hungry” throughout my whole prep. I finished my “transformation” the day of my second bikini competition and on that day (and still!) I thought about what a doable, enjoyable time my journey had been and I thought to myself that I could totally just keep it going. Amy didn’t set me up on a quick fix diet, she had given me the information and knowledge to keep living this healthy lifestyle even after my competition spray tan faded (kidding, but seriously…). She herself as a healthy active mom gives me motivation to be just that. I am encouraged by her constant positive energy and passion for everything she does.


Amy’s enthusiasm and know-how helped my transformation be an enjoyable, positive experience and I could never thank her enough. She was always there with me whether it be through text or actually physically being backstage with me for support at my competition. I look forward to tackling other fitness goals with Amy as my coach!”



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