Cancer Survivor Transforms at Hitch Fit Gym!

Tonia conquered Breast Cancer and then tackled her fitness at Hitch Fit!

Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Kansas City Personal Trainer Nancy Choquette!


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Tonia’s Before and After Weight Loss Photos:

Cancer Survivor Transforms

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Tonia’s Story and Hitch Fit Gym Review:

“Most people know that about 5 years ago I lost my mom unexpectedly. Not long after that, I was diagnosed with IDC breast cancer and had a mastectomy. Because insurance would only cover removal of one breast, I was forced to have several reconstruction surgeries (I lost track of how many). I finally had had my last surgery where everything was aesthetically correct in my eyes, and with no fault of my wonderful plastic surgeon, I got staff infection and got really really sick, I was then forced to have 2 more surgeries. Fast forwarding 3 years after my 1st surgery, and then about 8 more after that, I wound up having to have a hysterectomy. I then found myself gaining weight, tired and overall a bit hormonal. When my sister friend moved back to KC from Florida, we decided to go on a fitness journey together. I’ve always loved exercising and learning about health, but have never been great at pushing myself when it comes to weight training. I had been following Hitch Fit trainer Nancy Choquette on social media for a few years and KNEW she would be a great fit for us. Working out with her at Hitch Fit gym has been life changing!!!! She was able to raise my spirits and train me without even knowing I was pushing myself. EVERYONE you meet at that gym is SUPER friendly and you NEVER feel intimidated! You wind up making friends with people working out at the same time you do, and exchanging food ideas and lots of other fun stuff! I couldn’t of had a better workout partner either, Laura and I have been friends (more like sisters….I’ll let you decide for yourself which one) for MANY MANY years! It was great to see her a couple times a week at Hitch Fit, since we both have such crazy schedules and live about 40 minutes from each other, so meeting in the middle to train together was AWESOME!!! I will never forget how special our time with Nancy was, and how wonderful it was that Hitch Fit changed our lives together! I now feel so secure with my meal plan that was personally made for me by Nancy Choquette. I’m a vegetarian, and have been for about 6 1/2 years. Which was never an issue when it came to getting the ample amount of protein in my diet. I fell in love with my foods and realized I didn’t have any of the stomach pains I used to have when I was eating all the wrong foods. I can honestly say that I’ve been taught how to move forward in the future and take what I’ve learned from Nancy, and apply it to my everyday life in the days to come. I owe so much to my “trainer” (really, my lifelong friend) Nancy! Also a big thank you to my sister friend Laura for cheering me on when I was in pain from a back injury,( lifelong issues, nothing to do with working out) and just not feeling 100% because of some meds I take so my cancer doesn’t reoccur. I loved how Nancy could make adjustments accordingly for my workout vs. Laura’s in the same workout session. (Laura is a BEAST in the gym BTW) Thank you to Hitch Fit Gym (Micah & Diana LaCerte) for allowing us to workout in your gym and providing such an amazingly comfortable establishment. I’m so grateful to leave there with the knowledge I now have. I should also probably thank my husband for always supporting me and helping so much with our kids so I would workout. He’s a gem, and I couldn’t of come this far without him! (Even though he’s a donut pusher ?). #eatright #? #igraduated #hitchfit #bestfriends #vegetarian #gymlife #besttrainerever #bestgym ”

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