BBQ Master Loses 37 Pounds

//BBQ Master Loses 37 Pounds

BBQ Master Loses 37 Pounds

BBQ Master Loses 37 Pounds at Hitch Fit Gym!

Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Overland Park Personal Trainer Karen Ruff

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Tracy’s Weight Loss Stats: 

Starting weight: 222

Ending weight: 185

Starting body fat: 33%

Ending body fat: 15%

Tracy’s Before and After Weight Loss Photos:

BBQ Master Loses 37 Pounds

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Tracy’s Story and Hitch Fit Gym Review:

“I originally discovered Hitch Fit through a fellow BBQ buddy and his wife (Rob and Annisa Elsey). Rob and Annisa were posting about their transformations and weight loss on social media and it caught my attention. I contemplated making an appointment for six months but thought I would try and lose the weight myself.  In January, I started exercising and eating a bit healthier, and by the time May rolled around, I had lost about twelve pounds. I wasn’t happy with my progress, so I got in touch with Micah to connect with a trainer at the OP location. Karen Ruff, Hitch Fit trainer extraordinaire, called me and I soon went in for my consultation. Karen was great!  One of the first questions she asked was “what are your goals throughout this transformation?”  I told her that I did not want to be pear-shaped anymore and wanted to lose twenty pounds. She took me on as a client, and off we went on this crazy transformation. The first session involved measurements, pictures and a thirty minute workout that left me so sore I had to drive to work with my hands on the bottom of the steering wheel for the next two days because I could not raise them any higher, (just so you get a sense of how out of shape I was.)

To give this effort the best chance of success, I gave up candy, pop and alcohol.  Within the first month of my transformation, I was off my daily heartburn medication, my A1c level was lowering and I was losing weight.

I had a few battles in the middle of my time with Hitch Fit.  There were weeks that I did not lose weight and I would get frustrated. I consulted Karen to see if there was something I could change. She was always positive, telling me to keep it up, it will be worth it, it will come off. I upped my cardio, rained in my eating and refocused on my long-term goal.

During my time at Hitch Fit, I learned a lot about nutrition, what and when to eat. Now I enjoy foods I would never had imagine eating before. I used to eat to fill up, but now I eat to fuel my body for the workouts and cardio I enjoy. In addition, I have a strong knowledge base on different exercises and workout equipment, so I am not intimidated when I go to the gym. Since my transformation I have been working out four days a week and doing cardio six days a week. I have not taken a heartburn pill in six months, my A1c is in the appropriate range and I have lost an additional 37 lbs.  Bonus: I don’t snore anymore, much to the delight of my wife.”


To celebrate (and keep my pants up), I have enjoyed shopping for new clothes as I went from a 42-inch waist to a 34-inch waist.  I am on my second set of clothes since starting and ending my transformation at HitchFit. I went from wearing baggy shirts with sleeves to sleeveless shirts, and Karen says the only thing left is a tank top. I have a trip in three months so just maybe a six pack will make an appearance!

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Are YOU Ready for YOUR Transformation with Karen? 

Email: [email protected] or Call 816-753-8900 and request to train with Karen.


If you are in the downtown Kansas City area and prefer to train at the Hitch Fit Gym location at 31st & Gillham, contact us at 816-753-8900 and we will set you up with a TRANSFORMATION TRAINER at that location.

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