45 Pound Weight Loss and Life Transformation at Hitch Fit Gym!
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Dev’s Weight Loss Stats:

Starting weight – 185

Ending weight – 140

Starting body fat- 33%

Ending body fat – 7.9%

Waist Measurement Changes – 39.5 inches to 29 inches

Hip Measurement Changes – 42 inches to 35 inches

Dev’s Before and After Weight Loss Photos:

45 Pound Weight Loss in Kansas City

45 Pound weight loss in Kansas City

Before and After Weight Loss Photos of Dev Anand

Personal Training in Kansas City Weight Loss Before and after


Dev’s Story and Hitch Fit Gym Review:
“December 21, 2015 I started my journey with Joel. Even before I decided to start with him, he sent me the nutrition guide lines. It was overwhelming. 2014 and 2015 was two tough years for me. While my business was doing well, I was struggling to manage my own personal issues in life. 3 years of separation and in 2014 I finalized my divorce. All I was doing was drinking at the bars to calm my anxiety and followed by eating bar foods. I partied it up, not because I was the happiest but to kill the time and my thoughts. My brain won’t stop. While I was taking care of so many, I wasn’t taking care of myself. My inner self.
In December of 2015, I remember seeing postings of my great friend and mentor Lori Mallory achieving Hitch Fit. I called on her and asked her is this real. Can you get these results they claim? She validated it. I made the call to Joel. My office is 5 minutes from the Overland Park Hitch Fit but the first person I talked to was Joel. Joel worked at the KC location. 30 minutes from my office. There was something about Joel that connected me with him. I thought to myself I want this to feel like I’m making an effort. A journey! Lets take that 30 minute drive. Joel sent me the program two weeks before I started. I was nervous because the diet is not what I’ve been eating.
December 21, It began. I decided to join Hitch Fit not to lose weight but yes I was at disbelieve if it was at all possible to get shredded and gain muscles. I joined Hitch Fit with Joel to stop using alcohol as my reasons to drown my sorrow. I was not an alcoholic but I certainly was abusing it and I was around people that did so. I told Joel I want this for me so bad and I want it now. Hitch fit transformation programs was 12 to 16 weeks. Mine took 24 weeks. I hired Joel for an hour a day 5 days a week. More than any other clients would typically do. But I needed it. I craved it. I stopped drinking and began my diet. I forced myself to eat. You are to eat every two to three hours. Yes I lose weight eating. Its a life style change. I also picked a time that required me to stop what I was doing at work and give my brains a break. 1.30pm Monday through Friday I went to see Joel! Once I leave him, I’m a different person my employees could see the difference. Things left my body in ways I can’t explain. I have never worked out in my entire life. Only sport I did was badminton. Yes that’s right badminton. But what I’ve learnt through Joel is, it doesn’t matter if you work out but you eat unhealthy ways. 70 to 80 percent of this is diet. I never knew that.
Within 2 weeks, I decided to play with my foods. By making my foods taste great with Chinese ingredients and Indian spices. I started making tacos, filet Mignon, Scallops, Shrimp, grille Mahi Mahi! I realized I was eating amazing foods. Even better that I ever have before. We add way to much fat in our cooking than we need. I began to eat clean which means I got to taste what a steak should taste like. What beautiful salmon should taste! My favorite meals to make was Tacos.
But do you know what was and still is the best ingredient of them all for my success? Its Joel Salter!! I could not have done it without him. He was just not my trainer, he is my brother. A great friend. We bonded instantly. As I was training, I got to talk to him about my day. He is an amazing father to his kids, a great husband and a great friend. He held my hands through the entire journey. He talked to me almost everyday if I needed him. Which was most of the time in regards to do and don’t on my diet. I would ask him a question, he would ask me to send a picture of the nutrition. Word by word he will tell me no much carbs less carbs need more fat less fat. Whatever the diet that week was even though he probably already told me the day before lol, I relied on him a lot. Joel never complained he was there for me. He is so encouraging.
My one hour with him was painless. He doesn’t believe in yelling at his client to push them 🙂 because he said I’m not always going to be there to yell at you. This is about you being able to do it after him. While I was there, I bonded with all of the Hitch Fit Transformers! It was a mini club. I am a different person today. I run! I never ran in my entire life. I love it. I’m zoned out when I run. It completely removes any anxiety I may have that includes lifting. My results took longer because I never worked out in my entire life. My body didn’t know what was going on. Now my body knows it and craves for it. Another is not knowing about body fat! Oh my!! Funny thing I asked Joel can I really lose my man boobs?? lol! Yep I did!! Flat Chest What?? My defined arms!! I thank God for Joel and Hitch Fit!”
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