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Cougar Gray

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Cougar Gray one on one personal trainer in Parkville


Cougar Gray:

Hitch Fit Gym Personal Trainer

Bachelor of Science – Corporate Recreation & Wellness

Bachelor of Science – Therapeutic Recreation

NASM – Certified Personal Trainer

NASM – Weight Loss Specialist

NASM – Performance Enhancement Specialist

Fitness Mentors – Certified Personal Trainer

International Pro Elite – Men’s Physique Pro Card Winner

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“I began my fitness journey as a skinny high school athlete trying to put on muscle to complete in Varsity Soccer. 32 years later I’m still dedicated to improving my health but have also developed a love to help others find the balance to achieve their own fitness and healthy goals.

While I’m serious about helping clients reach their goals, I don’t take life too seriously and want anyone working with me to know that you can actually ENJOY working out while working your tail off.”

Cougar Gray Parkville Personal Trainer

When I’m not training clients or myself, I keep busy as a social worker supporting individuals with intellectual disabilities in living their best lives.

Through my decades of working with a wide variety of populations I’ve found ways to carry over my outside the box thinking into helping clients overcome barriers to their own health and wellness goals. I’m also a father to twin girls so I understand the work/life balance challenges and truly find it rewarding helping parents carve out the time in their hectic lives to teach their goals.

If you’re looking to break into stepping into the fitness stage, a powerlifting meet, or just losing weight and building muscle so you can enjoy life – I’m here to help!”

one on one personal training cougar gray

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