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About Robin:
My name is Robin Paris, and this is my story!
Right after graduating from Oak Park High School in 1995 I joined the military.
I loved serving my country in The United States Navy, but I did not love the semi annual PRT tests that required me to workout.
At 19 years old I was unable to finish the 1.5 mile run in the almost twenty minutes allowed. TWICE!!
That resulted in my being sent to mandatory remedial group workouts three time a week.
To say that I did not enjoy going would be putting it mildly, at the very least. More than once I literally cried about it while packing my gym bag the night before.
After leaving the military I did not workout again until I received the biggest gift of my life, a gym membership at Gold’s Gym on Vivion Road in February of 2001.
The night I joined I was most definitely a “fish out of water”. Wearing a solid size 14/16 jeans, and weighing in at almost 200 pounds I was not excited to be there. When my Husband found me crying underneath the stairs I begged him to leave. Fortunately he gave me a solid “no” on that, and against my very strong feelings of being completely out of place that night he made me stay.
From there it still wasn’t anything that I loved, or even looked forward to doing. Weeks passed by with my giving the barest minimum effort possible three times a week. I was there in body, but not in mind, or spirit.
That all changed when one evening a few months later I went to the gym after having an awful day at work.
It took me 11:00 minutes of running before stopping my treadmill to sit down on the end to cry. It was at that moment I realized the potential for the gym to be an outlet for my frustrations while being able to re center myself back into a positive mindset through working out.
After that night I was hooked, and began going daily. I began showing up daily 100% physically, spiritually, and mentally. This is when everything began to change! By taking time daily to take better care of myself I became a better mother, wife, teacher, sister, daughter, and friend.
In early 2006 I went to work the front desk at the gym I was a member of while living at the Lake of the Ozarks.
A few months later in the Spring I was offered the opportunity to get into Personal Training professionally. I began being mentored by the owner of the gym. As competitive bodybuilder, and published author in the fitness community Rick Streb gave me a solid foundation for my becoming a Personal Trainer.
Up until then I had been relying on an unhealthy combination of hope, and guesswork instead of science for my entire program. This lead me to being “skinny fat”. I was severely overtraining daily, and at the same time I was in a very unhealthy caloric deficit with nutrient depleted foods.
My combination of guesswork, and hope was immediately replaced with science. Whatever I was told me to do I did immediately down to the letter. Almost overnight my body began to change!! By applying science consistently I completely changed my entire physique in a rapid amount of time!!
As if things couldn’t possibly get any better from there I was eating lots more, and working out a lot less! I was consistently getting stronger, and leaner!
For the first time in my entire life I was shredded!! I had abs!! Being “fit” is a choice!! As a CPT I was driven to share this information with every person possible! Being able to help others soon became the mission of my life.
It feels like I literally just blinked once, and now somehow it’s 2022! Over the past almost sixteen years I have earned seven different certifications in training everything from individuals, groups, children, and corrective exercise science as an elite trainer.
In 2017 after a nineteen week prep I competed for the first time in figure at Muscle Mayhem.
After spending the entire Summer of 2013 training like an animal, I completed the St. Louis 1/2 Marathon.
As a 34 year old mother of two I entered, and won the Hawaiian Tropic bikini contest at Shady Gators against women a full decade younger than me on a dare! I was so caught up in cheering for the beautiful young lady standing next to me for being the runner up that I didn’t realize that I had been announced me as the winner!
I have been nominated and won Best of The Lake, and Best of Norman, Oklahoma for Best Personal Trainer multiple times.
During my time managing with Adidas I was one of only fifty selected nationwide to attend the 2016 Adidas Boston Marathon event as a top performer. It was an absolutely amazing experience!
In 2011 I got into running 5k races to bring myself peace from my many failed PRTs while I was active duty. The Polar Bear plunge 5k was my first, but definitely not my last.
At the Eldon St. Patrick’s Day 5k a few months later I was able to run the ENTIRE race in under the 19 minutes originally allotted for completing only 1.5 miles! My heart almost burst when I saw that finish line! I began to cry, and continued to do so up until I ended the race!
Throughout the span of my own journey I have met so many incredible people, and I have had so many wonderful experiences! Personally though, by far and away my most favorite part of it all has been helping people!
Looking back I have absolutely no idea where the time has gone!
What I do know though is that even after all of the time that has passed, and after all of the transformations I have been a part of one thing hasn’t changed. The beginning of every journey brings me back to the start of my own.
By keeping my own journey through transformation close to my heart as a fitness professional I train with passion. Because I train from my heart with a sense of depth, drive, and compassion it’s definitely personal. I know what it takes to achieve, and maintain change.
*I believe that being fit will always be a journey, but not ever a destination.
*I believe in taking out hope, and applying science to the human body creating sustainable change.
*I believe in balancing consistent efforts with a solid sense of moderation. This will lead you to a lifetime of permanent results.
*I believe in creating small changes daily that added up over time will create the biggest changes in your life.
For over 25 years the gym has been a positive force for bringing good into my life. Through personal training I have been able to be a part of helping others find their way to transforming everything about their lives. I have witnessed people surpass their own excuses, limitations, expectations, and then their wildest dreams.
Being motivated first to help people reach their best selves has been the passion of my life professionally. In turn, that passion has continued to create success in achieving results while building lifelong relationships with the people who I have worked with. A very large majority of my friend base of today are people who originally started out in my life as clients.
Writing this bio for my Hitch Fit profile got me thinking about my Day 1 in the gym 20 years ago…
If anyone would have tried telling 25 year old me crying by the water fountain that night just how far I have come, I don’t think that I’d ever would have believed any of it!
But really it’s a large part of what makes life so good!! It’s all of the experiences, love, lessons, challenges, sudden twists, and the last minute surprises that happen along the way!
It’s by faithfully stepping up out of our fears, and choosing to overcome the obstacles that are in the way of our dreams that we achieve greatness.
In our lives our results come the little steps we make every day. By showing up for ourselves every, single day consistently with the focus on being better is where we find the “miracle” we are all looking for in the gym, and our lives. It’s actually pretty amazing.
I would love to help you in your personal transformation journey!! If you are ready, please reach out to me to set up a free consultation at either the Midtown or Parkville Hitch Fit gyms!
To wrap all of this up I am going to leave you with a quote from the movie Joe Dirt.
“Life’s a garden man. You gotta dig it.”
Joe Dirt