Hitch Fit offers Online Personal Training for Men and Women.

Work directly with Hitch Fit owners and transformation masters Micah and Diana LaCerte.

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Are you tired of not losing weight?

Tired of trying diet after diet with no long term success?

Do you want an online personal trainer you can communicate with directly to help YOU through the challenges that you are personally facing?

Then Hitch Fit is for you.

Hitch Fit Online Personal Training plans are customized to the individual.

There are no automated plans spit out for you by a computer.

We personally craft your plan for you based on your information. We can cater your program accordingly for your needs. Whether you have 10 pounds or over 100 pounds, whether you are male or female, we work with all ages, all fitness levels and all goals. You can do your training right at home with simple equipment or at a gym if you have a membership!

Workouts will be according to where YOU are starting from. If you are a beginner, you will start out at a beginner level, if you are advanced, we will create an advanced plan for you.

If you have allergies or food dislikes, we can create your plan around those too!

All this, plus you get direct access and communication to Hitch Fit owners and top transformation coaches in the country, Micah & Diana LaCerte.

Hitch Fit is the most personal Online Personal Training system that there is, and the results of our clients display that! Hitch Fit has been transforming clients globally since 2009!

Here are a few of our Online Personal Training clients before and after success photos:


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