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Vickie Sims

Kansas City Weight Loss Coach – Certified Personal Trainer

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Kansas City Weight Loss Coach - Fit over 60 - Vickie Sims

Fit over 60! Kansas City Weight Loss Coach – Personal Trainer – Vickie Sims

Vickie Sims

Ace Certified Personal Trainer

Hitch Fit Transformer

CPR/AED Certified

Ace Youth Fitness Specialist

Ace Senior Fitness Specialist

Contact information: 816-686-9196; [email protected]


My name is Vickie Sims. I was born and raised in Kansas City but moved to Parkville, Missouri almost 40 years ago. I am a wife, a mom of 2 and a grandma of 4. I am a paralegal by day and a Hitch Fit Transformer by night (sort of like Bruce Wayne and Batman).

I have always had a passion for fitness, but there was a period where it was put on the back burner and I just let myself go. A friend introduced me to Hitch Fit and the rest is history. Hitch Fit transformed my life, physically and mentally. I even gained the confidence to step on stage at the Kansas City WBFF show in 2015. Check out my story and transformations http://www.hitchfitgym.com/success-stories/.

I knew as I went through each of my Hitch Fit transformations (I have gone through three transformations myself) that I wanted to share my excitement for fitness with others.

Since I have gone through my own Hitch Fit transformation, I totally understand how hard it is to take that first step. I know the hard work and dedication change takes. As the old cliché goes “been there, done that”. My goal as a Hitch Fit transformer is motivate my clients by helping them set and achieve realistic goals, (some may have a goal to learn to live a healthier lifestyle, while others may want to reach certain fitness goals) and by providing feedback and accountability.

I can’t wait to help you BELIEVE in yourself; TRANSFORM your life; and INSPIRE others to do the same.


Contact me today to schedule your consultation.

Email: [email protected]

Text or call: 816-686-9196


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Fit over 60 - Kansas City Weight Loss Coach - Vickie Sims

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