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Tara Sweeney

Kansas City Personal Trainer – Weight Loss Coach – Kansas City Female Personal Trainer



Not Taking on New Clients until January 2018!

Kansas City Female Personal Trainer Tara Sweeney at Hitch Fit Gym


Tara Sweeney – Kansas City Personal Trainer

NASM Certified Personal Trainer
ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer

Registered Nurse MO & KS
Health Care Provider CPR/AED Certified

Hitch Fit Transformation Coach – Kansas City Personal Training at Hitch Fit Gym

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First I would like to tell you what I (TARA) hope to achieve with you as my client:


T: Trust, Team & Training. I will be honest with you and I expect the same in return. We will work as a team. I will safely and effectively train you physically. Exercise is the stimulus for your body to change.

A: Accountability. I wish to be your mentor, coach and your accountability partner. I will provide you with safe and effective training sessions, customized nutrition guidance for you (this is the fuel for your body to change), and work diligently with you to provide you with the tools and knowledge for you to be successful on your own once you complete your transformation!

R: Respect and Rapport. I will treat you with respect and listen to you. I want to know your story and help you achieve your goals. This is your transformation!

A: Affirm. I will encourage you to go beyond your comfort level, reach goals you thought you could not before, and affirm that you are strong. You are important. You are capable. You will be fit and feel healthy. You will become the best version of yourself!


Hello, Friends! I was born in NY, grew up in Springfield, MO, and moved to KC in 2003.

I am a busy mother of 2 children. I have always been passionate about health, wellness, nutrition & fitness. This is most notable because I have struggled since middle school with my weight and self-image. I began lifting weights in highschool and fell in love!

I graduated as a Registered Nurse at the age of 19. My initial job was working night shift in the ICU. Surprisingly, this was the most unhealthy time in my life. Knowing and doing are two different things. When I moved to KC in 2003, I temporarily left nursing to grow our Real Estate investment company. Yes, I’m a licensed Realtor too!

I spent many years working out in the gym, running long distance, trying different diets, hiring personal trainers at the local gym, scouring the internet for that magic something to achieve the results I wanted with my body (and mind), without success. In 2011, I became certified as fitness trainer so I could “figure it out” without the help of someone else. Learning the essentials of how to properly, effectively and safely train others was an excellent addition to the scientific knowledge I already had about the human body thanks to my nursing degree. However, one of the most important missing components to healthful living is understanding and implementing consistent and balanced nutrition. I can’t emphasize it enough~You CANNOT OUT-EXERCISE a poor diet!

As a mother of two small children in my 40’s, I choose to be the best and most healthful version of myself, not only for me, but to be a good example for them, as well as others. This goes well beyond one’s appearance.

I would be honored to have the opportunity to work with you and help you realize your health, fitness and physique goals.

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