Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Overland Park Personal Trainer Transformer Ellie Gundelfinger!

Kansas City Roller Warrior Mary Got Strong and Fierce at Hitch Fit Gym!

Before and After Weight Loss for Kansas City Roller Warrior

Kansas City Roller Warrior Gets in Great Shape at Hitch Fit

Kansas City personal training client loses weight gains strength

Kansas City Personal Training Client Loses Weight and Gains Strength

Before and AFter Weight Loss for Kansas City Roller Warrior

Before and After weight loss for Kansas City Roller Warrior

Mary’s Story:

“Sometimes losing your way is the only way to find yourself.

Quite unexpectedly in 2012 I woke up one morning to find my husband of nine years gone – left in the middle of the night; only later did I find out about the affair. Needless to say that journey of healing was made of infinite emotions that changed moment by moment.

In my pain I found Roller Derby with the Kansas City Roller Warriors. I didn’t know how to skate but decided I had nothing to lose. Being on skates and learning the sport kept me active. Those 8 hours of skating a week were the only moments my mind was free from the sadness and fear. There is a quote I read that roller derby destroys your body but saves your soul; and that is exactly what it did for me and to me.

In my second season during practice there was a particularly hard collision. I crawled off the floor and attempted to ‘shake it off’. I continued to skate for a few months in quite a bit a pain and finally went and got an MRI. It showed I had severed my PCL (a rarity), the popliteal ligament was also severed and the meniscus was damaged. I knew I wanted to finish out the season so I was fitted for a brace that would allow me to skate and hopefully prevent further injury. During that time I also found out that my shoulder had a hairline fracture that healed itself but both shoulders had tears.

My amazing team finished out the year undefeated and won the championship. A month after my last derby bout in April 2014 I went into surgery to fix my knee. I had prepared every way I could but in my heart I knew the mental recovery from surgery would be the most difficult.

That was an understatement. The pain was intense, my leg was in a brace that kept it locked straight for 6 weeks, I couldn’t drive and just moving in this world became difficult. I had to ask for help doing everything and that was the most difficult part- I felt weak and then started to act weak. Slowly I lost my resolve to stay healthy and let my mind become a victim to my circumstance. The weight continued to layer on my body and I continued not to change my ways. Even though I had become a certified personal trainer in 2010 because I enjoyed helping others, I could not seem to draw from what I knew I should do (by trade I am not a trainer, I just enjoyed learning and staying healthy). So I had every tool available to me and I still couldn’t dig down deep to help myself.

My company has great programs that encourage employees to stay healthy and I was paired with another employee in a weight loss competition. Each month I weighed in and each month was gaining a bit of weight here and there (it’s only a 1lb, no big deal….it’s only .5 lbs- not big deal). Then in May something changed inside of me; I wish I could communicate why or how- I honestly don’t know but I am so glad the light went off. I didn’t want to be this person anymore – I wanted to feel strong and fierce again. I had heard about Hitch Fit over the years from people who had went there so I decided to buy the Groupon and give it a go – and that is when I found Ellie. We hit it off and she got me; she understood what I wanted and I was at a place I could give 100% to the program but more importantly to myself.

In June 2015 I jumped in and the journey was awesome; sometimes awesomely painful, awesomely crappy, awesomely awesome, but it was all awesome. I took the blows and took the successes and found my fierceness in the process. Ellie challenged me to a weight I had not seen since 2008 and in the challenge I even found a body and a weight I hadn’t seen since 2001. Now, not all is perfect; I have a right butt cheek that is stupid and doesn’t want to transform like my left one. I have areas that aren’t what I want- but what I do know is the success I had from the transformation goes much deeper than my body and it has created NEW goals I want to hit for health and fitness. I found a partner in Ellie that was the right formula for me to begin my process.

Months later I find my resolve falters a bit and I can see you have to have diligence every day to maintain; so I am pretty sure my story is really at the beginning. Ellie helped take a woman with multiple body parts that didn’t work all the time and creatively showed me how to work my body when other body parts couldn’t join in.”

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