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NASM Certified Personal Trainer & CPR/AED Certified

Hi my name is Brian Nixon and I was born in Montclair, CA and now live in Kansas City, KS. My parents moved around a lot during my childhood so I attended quite a few schools growing up, and got to see many different cities and experience many different people and cultures. I wasn’t involved in too many traditional sports growing up, I found my passion when I discovered inline skating, it was more than just a hobby, it became a passion of mine. This eventually grew into something I helped others learn.

When I was 15 my family moved to Bartlesville, OK where I finished out high school and my love for skating began inspiring others, I was fortunate enough to be featured in a few skate videos along the way too! In 1998 I was involved in the creation of On The Rock Ministries; it is a place where kids and teens can go worship God and fellowship with other believers, inside is a skatepark, a coffee house, a computer lab, climbing wall, and a stage for musical performances. Being a part of something so positive helped me realize that I needed to do something with my life that made a difference in others lives. In 2006 I enlisted in the Army National Guard, I had been working construction for a few years but still wanted to make a difference in others lives. In 2009 my unit deployed to Afghanistan for a year and during that time I began talking with Micah through social media and e-mail. I began to realize how both Micah and Diana and the trainers at HitchFit were making positive changes in others lives and I couldn’t wait to get home from deployment and take on the challenge of a HitchFit transformation. Life was different when I got home though, I was different. I became depressed when I got home from deployment, the mission was over and I was alone in a one bedroom apartment, so I began drinking. A few weeks passed and it finally hit me that I needed to contact Micah and get my life back on track and quit drinking. From that moment on, my life has never been the same. I took on a HitchFit transformation, went back to my job as a Journeyman Glazier (construction), I was still in the National Guard, and later that year I met my now, wife. My wife saw how positively HitchFit was impacting my life and as of now, she has completed two HitchFit transformations.

In 2014 we decided that we both wanted to be a part of something bigger than a job that might pay well but ultimately left us feeling unfulfilled. We planned ahead and knew that the next year of our lives would be hectic but worth it. We decided to pack the house, get our certifications, and move to Kansas City where we could be a part of the HitchFit family. We now both work at HitchFit as trainers/transformers, and love that we get to wake up every day and make a difference in people’s lives. I can’t imagine how my life would be had I not discovered Micah and Diana and HitchFit. The positive impact they have had in my life has completely changed my diet, my career, and my lifestyle. If you are looking for that positive change in your life, contact me for a FREE consultation! I am a NASM certified personal trainer and am CPR/AED certified.

So excited to Help YOU with your Transformation!


Brian served in the Army National Guard for 6 years!



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Jeanette before and after front

Jeanette before and after back

Malia lost 22 pounds with the help of Brian Nixon!

Malia lost 22 pounds with the help of Fitness Trainer Brian Nixon!