Hitch Fit Transformer – Clint Moore

Kansas City Gym Personal Trainer at Hitch Fit


personal trainer Clint Moore

Kansas City Personal Trainer Clint Moore


Hitch Fit Gym Transformer – Clint Moore

Kansas City Gym Personal Trainer

NASM Certified Personal Trainer


Email: [email protected]

Call or Text: 816.589.9969

My name is Clint Moore, born and raised in Kansas City is where I spent most of my days. Let me tell you a story about a fat kid that was kind of boring, feeling all sluggish and hungry all the time. Then one day I said hey mom let me jump in a cab and go to Hitch Fit downtown. I yelled at the cabby, “Hey man, 3036 Gillham.” When we pulled up, Hitch Fit was legit and it had Micah and Diana in the window for real! That’s when I went through my own transformation realizing how cool and fun this place was. I started dropping pounds and gaining muscle. That’s when I noticed there were no bullies on this Hitch Fit playground. Everyone was welcoming and treating me like family!

Okay, now that I have your attention. Once I started getting fit, I started craving that environment and positive vibe that the Hitch Fit trainers create. I decided I wanted others to feel like I did, from understanding how to fuel your body with good food, how to train it, and then enjoy the energy to stay active and enjoy life!

I have two very active daughters and going through my own Hitch Fit transformation has changed not only my life but their’s as well! I am now a certified personal trainer through NASM – National Academy of Sports Medicine. I want to give back to people what I have learned and gained, and that is the story of how I started my career as a fresh fitness trainer for Hitch Fit!

If you are ready to take that first step, and make a positive change just like I did. Contact me today. I’d love to guide you through the transformation journey, and teach you how to become the best version of you!

Clint is so passionate about Transformation because he has gone through it himself!

Check out his incredible before and after photos!

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