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Bryce Johnson

Overland Park Weight Loss Trainer Bryce Johnson

Bryce Johnson

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Certified NCCPT Personal Trainer

NPC Physique Athlete

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Cell number: (636) 696-3416

Hi, I’m Bryce Johnson! I have been a Certified Personal Trainer since 2013 and was a Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coach for 3 years prior. While at the college level I was also the assistant Cross Country and Track and Field Coach. I got my foot in the door to becoming a collegiate coach because I was a 3 time All-American and 13 time National Qualifier for Nationals in Track and Field.

I have gone through 2 transformations myself. After college I was tired of being the skinny little track guy so I decided to really hit the weight room and put on some muscle. I went from about 140 pounds to 170-175 pound range for the next 4 years.

In the Fall of 2016 I married my beautiful wife (that I met at the gym) and was in amazing shape! Then I fell into the normal story of getting married and getting out of shape. In December 2017 I weighed 212 pounds and was far from being in amazing shape. I decided that was enough and I needed to change. I entered in my first Physique show April 28, 2018 and weighed about 170-175 pounds and was single digit body fat percentage!!!

I absolutely love training people and helping them reach their goals!! Since I have gone from a skinny runner to a fit guy with some muscle, then becoming overweight to competing in a Physique show, I have a very broad range of understanding people’s concerns and can definitely relate to them on wanting a change.

Come on in and let me help you become successful and reach YOUR goals!!

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NPC Physique Athlete Bryce Johnson