50 and Fit For the Wedding Day!

//50 and Fit For the Wedding Day!

50 and Fit For the Wedding Day!

Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Downtown Kansas City Personal Trainer Eric Reynolds

50 and FIT for the Wedding Day! 

50 and Fit for the Wedding Day!

50 and Fit for the wedding day!

Hitch Fit Gym Downtown Kansas City Trainer Eric Reynolds with client Rachel!

Hitch Fit Gym Downtown Kansas City Trainer Eric Reynolds with client Rachel!


Rachel’s Stats:

Starting weight: 159

Ending weight: 139

Starting body fat: 30%

Ending body fat: 18%

Fit over 50 - Before and after 20 pound weight loss

Fit over 50 – Before and After 20 pound weight loss

50 and Fit - Before and After 20 pound weight loss

50 and Fit – Before and After 20 pound weight loss

50 and Fit - Lose 20 pounds

50 and Fit – Lose 20 pounds

Rachel’s Story:

“We all have that “Ah Ha” moment.  Mine came last June, when I was photographed with some friends in town for a music event.  My typical “trick” of sandwiching myself in the middle of the crowd and turning sideways to cover half my body didn’t work this time.   What I had known to be true was staring me right in the face.  All the recent wardrobe “updates” were really a disguise to compensate for the fact my clothes weren’t fitting anymore and I had to buy new ones.

A few weeks later, a co-worker and I were talking about upcoming trips—both about six months out.  Hers was a romantic getaway, mine was destination wedding/honeymoon.  She said, “Hey, have you heard about Hitch Fit?  Let’s do it together.”  No, I hadn’t heard about Hitch Fit, but I wasn’t going on my honeymoon looking like I did in the June picture, so I said yes.

Understand, I have never been a disciplined person in my life.  I am not an athlete, and the only time I’ve been on a sports team was in grade school when my parents signed my sisters and me up to play summer softball.  My sisters and I have a joke, when friends  ask what position we played.  (Mostly because they’re shocked we were even allowed to participate.)  My sister, Rebekah always replies,  “ They stuck us in the outfield, and we mostly hung out and made dandelion necklaces and bracelets.”

So there was nothing in my background that would even suggest I would be successful on this program, any program for that matter.  BUT, what I do respond well to is encouragement, positive energy, and accountability.  I found all that at Hitch Fit.

Initially my co-worker and I were going to sign-up for the online program.  Both Micah and Diana were ON IT when it came to answering our million and one questions we had, before we even officially signed up.  I decided to also have a personal trainer at the Overland Park, KS Hitch Fit Gym location,  for two reasons:

  1.  I didn’t even know how to use gym equipment, so needed instruction.
  2. I needed the weekly weigh-in / measurements to stay on track.

I signed up, completed a questionnaire, and a few days later received my customized meal plan.  The instructions with the email suggested  printing out the information and keeping it in a binder.  Okay, maybe this was a serious thing.  I mean, a binder?  I thought I was going to just get a quick summary, and away I would go!

When asking about a Hitch Fit personal trainer, Diana asked me if I had a preference, male or female.  I told her I was 50 and didn’t want someone yelling at me.  Honestly, after spending time around many of the trainers, she could have matched me with any one of them, and I would have been comfortable.  Every  week when I would arrive  for my session,  each one of them would look up, smile, say hi or bye at some point during my hour.  Talk about a company culture that breathes the same air/ has  the same philosophy!

There is no quick fix in a transformation.  Hitch Fit is about day by day, doing the activities to get you there.  It’s a journey.  And there is nothing like looking at my  pictures from my first in-person consultation with my trainer, Eric Reynolds (shout –out!), to jump start that journey.  If I thought the June pictures were bad, looking at my body at that first session confirmed it was time.

Here are  my  take-ways for anyone thinking about making a change:

  1. You will not likely see quick changes.  I could ‘starve’ myself over a weekend, and lose more weight than I did in my first two weeks on the program.  BUT, each day of doing to right activities, builds over time, and the changes (both weight and body fat) become evident.  Additionally, these activities eventually become your lifestyle, not just a diet.
  1. The meal prep and eating according to the timeline is like a part-time job.  You have to take it seriously.  You have to prepare.
  1. It is likely you will struggle the first few weeks, getting everything down.( meal prep, exercise, drinking enough water, etc)  Do not get discouraged!  You’re making a major change to your life/ your routine.  If it were easy, everyone would naturally know how to do it, and there would be no need for Hitch Fit.
  1. Don’t just look at the number on the scale.  The body fat changes are so important!
  1.  Be prepared for negative comments as people notice the changes you’re making in your food choices / your lifestyle changes.  I can say 100% of my family members and close friends were positive and encouraging,  but the same wasn’t true with a few co-workers.  I had one tell me not to loose too much weight because it would make me look older.  I had another criticize me for not having a piece of cake at an office celebration.  All the  comments both positive and negative were a reminder that even when I couldn’t see the changes, others could.

When you’re ready, make an investment in you, it will make you a happier, healthier person.”

50 and Fit for the wedding day! Rachel with Hitch Fit Gym Transformation Trainer Eric Reynolds

50 and Fit for the wedding day! Rachel with Hitch Fit Gym Transformation Trainer Eric Reynolds


Are YOU Ready for YOUR Transformation with Eric? 

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If you are in the Overland Park area and prefer to train at the Hitch Fit Gym location at 91st & Metcalf next to Whole Foods Market, contact us at 816-753-8900 and we will set you up with a TRANSFORMATION TRAINER at that location.

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