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Kansas City Weight Loss Trainer - Amy Kerwin

Amy Kerwin

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Hitch Fit Transformer – Kansas City Weight Loss Trainer – Mother of 2!

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 816-315-4933

Hi Everyone!  My name is Amy Kerwin.   I am a mother of two little boys who I hope come to love fitness as much as I do!  I became a trainer here at Hitch Fit after going through my own Hitch Fit transformation.  Being a gymnast and college cheerleader, I was used to being in shape my whole life.  After several years in the corporate world, life caught up with me.  I was 10-15 lbs heavier than I was used to, constantly tired and had TERRIBLE nutrition.  Once I learned about Hitch Fit, there was no looking back.  With Hitch Fit, I lost almost 20 lbs and 14% body fat and I finally felt great again.  With the tools I learned during my Hitch Fit transformation, I was also able to lose the baby weight after having each of my kids!  Having spent too long in the corporate world, I finally decided to pursue my passion and become a personal trainer.  I want to be able help others feel the way I did after my transformation and to see them reach goals that only seemed like a dream before!  Better yet, I want to help them learn to keep it up for the rest of their lives!!!  I’d love to make you Hitch Fit strong, too!